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If you're been to Port Aransas before, you likely know that just what you need after a hot summer day on the beach is an icy treat. You're likely familiar with the traditional ice cream spots and the snow cone stands, but did you know Port Aransas also has several more "outside the box" options? 

Hold on to those tastebuds, because in Port Aransas, you can practically travel the world through ice cream!


Rolled Ice Cream

First in the lineup is rolled ice cream, also known as stir-fried ice cream in Thailand, the dessert's country of origin. After being made, the concoction is flattened by its preparer, then scraped up into delicious curls! You can top the rolls with any of your favorite toppings!

Located inside Sly Customs is Swift Cafe & Creamery, open in the spring and summer. You can get your favorite rolled ice cream and a variety of other cafe foods!

Photo Credit: Sly Customs


Floats (And Not Just Root Beer!)

Born from our very own United States of America is the float. The soda float is commonly made with dark sodas like root beer or Coca-Cola, but at MacDaddy's Family Kitchen in Port Aransas, it's really whatever "floats" your boat! MacDaddy's is known for their mouthwatering barbecue, but they also make a mean float that will perfectly cap off your meal. Choose from flavors like Coca-Cola, root beer, and orange soda!


You may have known that Coffee Waves serves the unique Italian form of ice cream that is gelato. Going be fond the simple serving, though, you can also order a gelato "affogato." The Italian word affogato translates to “drowned" or "smothered” in English, and this savory-sweet treat consists of the gelato flavor of your choice with hot espresso poured on top! At Coffee Waves, you can have your coffee and eat it too!

Watch the full process in the video below!


Which one is calling your name? How will you get creative with your ice cream this weekend?