Texas SandFest is April 8–10, 2022

If you have yet to experience the largest native sand sculpture competition in the USA, now is the time! Texas SandFest is back to its regular April dates and ready to hit the sand!



You know that Texas SandFest is all about the sand sculptures, but did you know there are actually three categories for professional competition? Two are the masters categories of Master Solo Sculpture and Master Duo Sculpture, and the third is the Semi-Pro Sculpture category. Three categories means there's no end to the talent and creativity laid out on the sand during the weekend.

To add even more to the fun and to foster the growth of up-and-coming sand sculptors, Texas SandFest also hosts an amateur competition! This competition allows teams from youth to teen to families and beyond to try their hand at the sand.

See the full list of sculptors here.


The main attraction of Texas SandFest may be the mind blowing collection of sculptures, but it’s certainly not the only thing to look forward to about the weekend! Each year, the festival features a gamut of carnival treats like funnel cake, footlong corn dogs, fresh lemonade, chili cheese fries, and more! It’s a deep-fried food heaven! When you get thirsty, there’s also a beer garden tent where you can get all your favorite ice-cold beverages! 



Concerts right on the beach? Yes, please. All weekend long, festival goers can find entertainment and dancing at the large central stage. Bands come from all over Texas and the United States to provide music that ranges from country to reggae. The stage is a great place to kick your sandals off for a bit, relax, and have some fun!

See the full entertainment schedule here.

Shopping & Attractions

You may not guess it at first, but Texas SandFest is the shopping destination you don’t want to miss! From apparel to jewelry to golf carts, there’s a vendor tent for every interest. Don’t worry, the kids are covered, too. They’ll love to play in the pit at “lesson mountain,” where they can learn to build their very own sand sculpture, or to make a stop at the face painting booth for the perfect festival accessory!

Golf Cart Raffle

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Port Aransas before, you know that the preferred mode of transportation is golf cart. Renting a golf cart when you come to visit is one of the best ways to fit right in with the locals, and Texas SandFest is making it easier than ever for you to live the island life with a golf cart raffle! Golf cart raffle tickets are available for purchase here now, and any unsold tickets will be available for purchase during SandFest in front of the VIP tent.


So what are you waiting for? Make your way to Port A for Texas SandFest 2022! Buy your tickets here!


Volunteer Opportunity

Are you a local who wants to get involved? Volunteer registration for the 2022 Texas SandFest is now open. Apply here.