Once Upon A Christmas...

Flynn the turtle sitting at a table in a santa hat. He has a thought bubble with his dream surfboard in it.

Flynn woke up excited to start his day. Today was the day he would mail his letter to Santa! Flynn waited all year to send his letter and was excited to tell Santa all about his year and how he had been such a good turtle. The one thing Flynn wanted to ask Santa for most this Christmas was a new surfboard. Flynn headed out the door and down the street to drop off his letter to Santa at the post office. When he arrived at the post office, the kind mailman told him that he should have mailed his letter yesterday for it to arrive at the North Pole on time. Flynn was so sad. How would Santa get his letter now? What would he do? 

Flynn story 2

Flynn walked home wondering how Santa would know what he wanted this year and if he would even come to Flynn’s house now. As Flynn was walking, he ran into his friend Captain Riley. When Flynn told Captain Riley what happened with his letter to Santa, Riley offered to help. “We can go see Santa. Then you can tell him what you wrote in your letter!” Riley said. “I just got a new boat, and I’d be happy to take you across the sea to Santa.” Flynn was over the moon.

“That’s a perfect idea, but once we reach the shore how will we make it to the North Pole?” Flynn questioned.

“I know someone that might be able to take us the rest of the way!” exclaimed Captain Riley. “My friend Dottie could fly us in her hot air balloon the rest of the way to meet Santa,” he said. 

flynn story 3

The next day Flynn, Captain Riley, and Dottie met at Riley’s new boat. They all boarded the boat and headed off on their adventure. The journey was long, but they were excited to get Flynn to the North Pole. Along the way, they went through storms and sailed over big waves, until they finally hit the shore of the North Pole where Dottie had parked her hot air balloon. The group piled in, ready to head into the sky. They started into the air while Flynn pulled out his binoculars to search for Santa’s workshop.

As they flew along, Dotty spotted something in the distance. “I think I see it! Over there I see Christmas lights,” she said. As they got closer, the sound of Christmas music and the smell of cookies filled the air around them.

“I think it’s time to land and find Santa,” said Captain Riley. 

Flynn story 4

When the friends landed, they were welcomed by a group of elves. “Are you here to see Mr.Claus?” they asked cheerfully.

“Yes, I need to tell him what I wrote in my letter,” Flynn announced.

As they followed the elves through the snow, they were welcomed by the sights and sounds of Christmas. Each tree was decorated with Christmas ornaments, and the lights on the buildings twinkled perfectly. It was the most beautiful place Flynn had ever seen...besides Port Aransas, of course! The elves stopped at a workshop with a big red door.

“This is where the big guy is,” they said. “Head inside, he’s excited to see you.”

Flynn opened the door and walked into a large workshop with a huge roaring fireplace and toys stacked on every wall. Santa was sitting at a table painting what looked like a surfboard. Flynn said excitedly, “Hello Santa, I had to come see you. I wanted to mail you a letter, but they said you wouldn’t get it, and I needed to tell you how good…”

Santa stopped Flynn. “I’ve been expecting you, Flynn,”  said Santa. "I know you have been a good turtle this year, and I have something here for you that I think you have been wanting.” Santa picked up a shiny new surfboard and handed it to Flynn.

“Thank you, Santa! This is exactly what I wanted but how did you know?”

“That’s the magic of Christmas, Flynn. I know what’s in your heart. If you are good all year long, you will be rewarded with exactly what you want,” chuckled Santa Clause. “Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas, Flynn!” 

Flynn story 5

Flynn and his friends headed home with their hearts filled with joy. Christmas magic was all around them, and this was one adventure they would never forget.