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Salty Stories

Port A's exclusive source for travel tips and local perspectives from people who live, work, and play in Port Aransas!

Trout Street's Chef Albino Garcia Jr.

The face behind the flavor! Chef Albino Garcia Jr. is the Executive Chef/General Manager at Trout Street Bar & Grill. He has been in the industry since 2006. He's worked in country clubs, restaurants, catering for the oil field, and he has cooked private dinners. Albino told the Visit Port A team…

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Winter Texans in Port Aransas

Welcome to Port Aransas, your home away from home for the winter! Winter Texans flock to Port Aransas in the off-season to enjoy less crowds and warmer weather. Port A is the perfect home away from home and strives to make all its visitors feel welcome. Finding a place to stay and a golf cart to…

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Planning your Holiday Trip to Port Aransas

Enjoy your Holidays the Island Way The holidays are right around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to start planning activities for your holiday trip. Whether you choose to come for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's, there are plenty of great activities happening in Port Aransas…

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Breakfast in Port Aransas

Uncover the breakfast hot spots of Port Aransas! When visiting Port Aransas, there is no shortage of breakfast hot spots that are sure to leave you coming back for more. With amazing locally owned restaurants you can't find anywhere else, get ready for your taste buds to ride some radical waves of…

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Palmilla Gone Green

Earth Day at Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community in Port Aransas Every day is Earth Day when you live on the beach! From the call of the seagulls in the sky to the soft give of the sand beneath your feet, Port Aransas & Mustang Island are surrounded by daily reminders of how important it is to…

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More Than Just Lasagna

A Slice of Italy at Venetian Hot Plate in Port Aransas Just a fraction of a mile from the beach in Port Aransas, Texas, sitting diagonally on the corner of Beach and Station St., is a small orange building with a red roof. And inside of that building? Some of the best Italian food found anywhere in…

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