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Salty Stories

Port A's exclusive source for travel tips and local perspectives from people who live, work, and play in Port Aransas!

Clean, Cook, or Ship your Catch

You filled the fish box, here's what you can do next! After a long day of fishing and catching keepers on the coast, you might wonder what to do next. In Port Aransas, there are some great options for what you can do with the fish you catch. Whether you want to eat your catch for dinner or ship it…

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Dolphin Docks in Port Aransas

Discover the heart of Dolphin Docks Dolphin Docks was formed in 1977 and named after the “Dolphin” charter boat, which is still in service to this day! Before Dolphin Docks, it was called the Blue Heron Dock, where it was once a small shipyard. You can still walk out on the bulkhead where the boat…

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The Piers of Port Aransas

You don't have to leave the shore to reel in a keeper! Port Aransas is known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas,” but that doesn't mean you need a boat to join in on the fun. Several piers offer access to amazing fishing just off the banks of Port A. Get in on the action without setting up a charter…

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Texas Women Anglers Tournament

Fabulous, Fun Fishing for a Cause Tournament Schedule and History The Texas Women Anglers Tournament, also known as “TWAT,” was founded in the 1980s in Port Aransas and has continued to grow ever since. This family-run tournament is women only and has a long-standing history of incredible…

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Don’t Worry, Be Crabby

Crabbing in Port Aransas, Texas When you crave a fresh succulent crab leg, skip the lines and catch your own! Island Tackle is the go-to spot for all you crabbing supplies—crab buckets, traps, rings, nets, line, gloves, tongs. You name it, they’ve got it! Here’s a little how-to if you are planning…

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Fishing Capture Flags and What They Mean

What are They and What Do They Mean? If you have been fortunate enough to be around the fisheries of Port Aransas during tournament season, it’s likely you’ve seen the flutter of small flags that line fishing boats as they pull in for weigh in. These flags add an element of excitement to the…

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Sawfish Return to Port Aransas Fishing

Just kidding! Happy April Fools' Day! Unfortunately there are still no sawfish in Texas, but if you're curious about what actually is biting and when, they're all listed below. To learn even more about fishing in Port Aransas, including where you can find a fishing guide, purchase bait and tackle…

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