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Port A Live Music Fest 2021 Event Toolkit

The Tips, Tricks, and Tools You Need.

Participating in Port A Live Music Fest, either as a live music venue or as part of the Taco and Margarita Trail? You're in the right place!

Promotion Tools & Ideas

Try out the below marketing tools, including social media post example text and ideas for implementing the event into your current marketing strategy.

Social Media Posts

You've already got an audience built in with your business' social media pages. Why not use it? Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else, it's a great place to share the excitement of Port A Live Music Fest. Here are some ideas for how to do so:

  • Announce the event and share a schedule. Easy enough! Let folks know what's going on.
  • For music venues: Introduce your music acts to the world! A potential caption could read "Introducing (Artist Name)! This musical talent hails from (Location) and is ready to rock out at (Your Venue's Name) for Port A Live Music Fest!" Add a link either to the artist's website or to the event listing on the Port A Live Music Fest that talks a bit more about each artist.
  • For Taco & Margarita Trailers: Introduce your taco and margarita combos to the world! A potential caption could read: "Introducing (Name of Combo)! This combo will keep you rocking at Port A Live Music Fest all weekend long!" Add in a description and a photo and you're set!
  • Encourage visitors to download the "Visit Port Aransas" app. Within this app, there are two "Trails" set up. By completing the designated number of stops on the trail, whether that be music events or tacos and margaritas, visitors can win prizes and will be incentivized to make their way to your business.
  • Boost your content's reach by utilizing the #portalivemusic hashtag. This will group all content from the festival in an easy-to-find location. 
Other Marketing Efforts

One of the most effective ways to promote events and your part in them  is by utilizing those who interact most closely with your customers—your staff! By ensuring staff are informed on what Port A Live Music Fest is and what your business' role is in it, you increase your chances of customers then knowing the same information. A quick staff meeting should suffice to encourage your staff to let customers know about the festival. If you're a Taco and Margarita Trail participant, it's a wonderful opportunity to introduce your customers to a new menu item. If you're hosting live music, encourage patrons to return for the very special acts performing during the festival.

Your website is another platform many visitors will come across when searching the web for places to eat, nightlife, etc. in Port Aransas. Add the Port A Live Music Fest banner to your homepage and link it to the Port A Live Music Fest page for an added bonus!


Port A Live Music Fest Assets

Feel free to use the assets below in promotion of your business and the Port A Live Music Fest event. To download the images to your computer, open the image you want, right click, and choose "Save Image As."