Port Aransas, Texas

Margarita Madness


And the winner is...

MacDaddy's - The Hot & Prickly


The Hot & Prickly

There can only be one "Best Margarita in Port Aransas," and in 2021, that margarita has finally been crowned, after four rounds of grueling voting and plenty of blood (prickly pear), sweat (salt), and tears (tequila).

If you're not familiar yet, it's time to introduce you to...the Hot & Prickly! Hailing from MacDaddy's Family Kitchen, the Hot & Prickly is a Tex-Mex style sweet and spicy margarita that is on the rocks, and sure to knock your socks off! MacDaddy's bartenders used the freshest ingredients you can find right here in this native land to ensure you will enjoy this funky fun cocktail.

Barbecue might not be the first margarita pairing that comes to mind, but MacDaddy's has made it work—and made it great—with the Hot & Prickly. Located in the heart of Port Aransas, the smoker is working overtime at MacDaddy's Family Kitchen, the island's original destination for Southern comfort food. This local favorite serves up Southern favorites such as fried chicken, fresh seafood, and some of the best BBQ in the Coastal Bend. Specializing in handling large parties, they can serve you quickly while satisfying the wants of everyone in the group with the freshest ingredients. The owners of MacDaddy's traveled the country from Las Vegas to Kansas City to Fort Worth, Texas to bring their guests a unique combination of flavors and dishes—they continue to do so with innovations like the Hot & Prickly margarita. Congratulations, MacDaddy's!

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