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Paul Hoggard & Remy Hoggard

Paul (UK) found sand sculpting in 1991 on a beach in India, and Remy (from the Netherlands) came from European theme parks. In 2003, they met in a huge sand sculpture theme park in Belgium, and have been inseparable ever since. Together, they run their company Sandartist Ltd. They are full-time sand artists and have traveled around the world doing what they love: creating with sand. They enjoy meeting and interacting with people to experience different cultures. The public will often come back to see the progress on their sculptures and have a chat.

Close up of a man leaning towards the camera, hands spread wide and covered in sand. He has a beard and long hair and is wearing a loose button up while he kneels in the sand.

A woman sits on the beach, carving a face into the sand. She is wearing a magenta sweatshirt and jeans and looks over her shoulder at the camera.

Sand sculpture of a large gorilla sitting on rocks. A small girl stands facing the sculpture. To the right of the gorilla is a tombstone and a cross that says Harambe.

Sand sculpture of a dog laying out on its tummy