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Jim Butler


Growing up in southern California, many of Jim Butler's earliest memories are of days at the beach, making drip sandcastles and moats. He guesses building things was in his veins because he's now an architect and master sand sculptor. 

Jim's significant sand creations started in 2005, when he participated in a local charity event in Olympia, Washington. He helped amateur teams plan and build competitive sculptures. That got him hooked on sand on a big scale. Jim and a good friend established their own masters sand carving team, Form Finders. Ever since, they've been competing on Pacific NW beaches for the past 16 years. Their team makes it a point to bring on new people who want to learn the art of sand and get better. 

There are always new techniques to learn and he enjoys pushing himself to try challenging subjects. He hopes you enjoy all the sculptures on display! 

Jim loves the sand between his toes which brings a smile to his face.