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Joon Park


Joon Park was born in 1997 and started helping carrying buckets at the beach at contests back when he was 17, during the years of 2015–2019. Over the next few years, Joon started sculpting and started doing it everyday at the start of 2019 till this day. He has made sculptures for Fortune 500 companies, anything from Amazon, Google, and even Taylor Swift. Joon has been able to travel across the world sculpting and has even made sculptures for the Royal family in Dubai. He has worked with YouTube star Vertasium for their videos. He has also done work for workshops for groups as large of 50 as team building exercises to help promote synergy within the companies. Joon also travels around making sculptures for festivals and conventions through out all of America. He has been using his free time to make YouTube/TikTok/Instagram videos and have amassed a following of close to 400k across three platforms in the past year. He posts anime sand sculptures and daily videos of what he does at his job as a full-time sand sculptor.