Tony Clements

Tony Clements was raised in Baltimore Maryland and spent 8 years in the USAF while stationed in Florida, England, and San Antonio, Texas before moving to Corpus Christi in 1983. He retired in 2015 after a 32-year career servicing and installing medical diagnostic imaging equipment in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. His duties including servicing and installing CT and MRI scanners, ultrasound systems and monitor or laser-based printers. As a home theater enthusiast, he has experience installing and calibrating CRT monitor and LCD chip-based projection systems.            

 He acquired the bird photography "bug" after upgrading his photography equipment in 2015 when tasked to photograph a family wedding in San Diego (California).  As a Canon brand shooter, he started with basic general photography equipment and has worked his way up to using some of the best lenses and cameras available for bird and wildlife shooting.  Since retiring he has studied the methods, images, and equipment used by many professional photographers and acquired hundreds of thousands of bird photos.

His images have won first place in photography class awards at the Art Center of Corpus Christi in 2019 and again in 2023.  He was also awarded first place in the “Small in Frame” category by the Houston Audobon Society in 2022. He subscribes to the idea of “Bird as Art” and tries to maintain a knowledge of the various cameras and lenses available for bird photography and their capabilities and compromises.