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Meet The Sculptors

Art is a virtue that in the sandcastle sculpting business takes a lot of patience. These artists have either just begun their mastery of the sand carving trade or are indeed masters of creating artwork through the sand, one grain at a time.


Sculptor Coordinators

None of these fantastic sculptors would even make their way to Texas SandFest if not for the incredible sculptor coordination team!

Suzanne Altamare

Master Sculptors Coordinator

Albert Lucio, Jr.

Semi-Pro and Amateur Sculptors Coordinator

These teams of two join forces as a duo to be reckoned with as they tackle the sand together to make an artistic vision come to life masterfully in the sand.

Texas SandFest Master Solo Sculptors know what they want, know how to do it, and build a masterpiece on the shore. They have honed their craft for many years...

These artists’ journey has not just begun, but their skills continue to strengthen with each carving of a sandcastle they create and each competition in which they...