Sara Zimorski

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Sara grew up and went to school in Charlottesville, Virginia, studying biology at the University of Virginia.  She never laid eyes on a crane, or at least doesn’t remember seeing or hearing anything about them until she moved to Wisconsin to work at the International Crane Foundation.  From there she was hooked and has worked with cranes, specifically whooping cranes ever since!  Throughout her time at ICF she worked with both the captive flock as well as the reintroduced eastern migratory flock of whooping cranes, migrating south with them for many years.  In late 2010, she migrated south again, this time to southwest Louisiana to head up the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ effort to reintroduce and establish a population of whooping cranes in the state after an absence of over 60 years. 

Talk Description

Louisiana Whooping Cranes: After a Decade What’s Working and What Challenges Remain?

Sara will provide an overview of the project and an update on the current status of the population focusing on areas of success as well as issues that are problematic.