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Justin Gordon

Justin Gordon, from Groveland, MA, has been a self-taught sculptor and wood carver since 1974 and professionally since 1991. Justin now sculpts in eight mediums: ice, snow, clay, wax, stone, foam, wood, and sand. Sand sculpting has taken Justin from Oman and Kuwait to Taiwan, to England, and all over the US and Canada. He still does the Hampton Beach Masters Sand Sculpting Competition in New Hampshire. Justin has also done giant scale tree carvings using chainsaws and chisels for Storyland in New Hampshire and private commissions throughout New England. Justin mostly concentrates on sand sculpting and wood carvings of architectural carved elements, custom clock cases, gun stocks, and figurative sculptures from fine art to caricatures and bronzing. He’s also a member of the New England Wood Carvers, the New England Sculptors Association, the Newburyport Art Association, the Rockport Art Association and Museum, and he’s been teaching wood carving in Groveland since 1996.

See more of Justin’s portfolio:

A man in khakis and a red shirt stands next to a sand sculpture double his height. The sculpture is a castle with a monster in the moat and a scroll that says "Champlain Valley Fair"

Sand sculpture of an eagle with its wings spread.

Up close image of a large sand sculpture depicting an octopus face and tentacles