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Isabelle Gasse

Isabelle Gasse was nudged into finding her artistic destiny at the tender age of 16, thanks to an art teacher who encouraged her to compete in a local amateur snow sculpting event in Québec, Canada, her home town. 

A fast-rising professional in the snowy and icy art, she is now shaping her frosty fantasies in worldwide events, like the Ice Hotel of Québec, among others, and has brought home lots of awards. Monumental and ephemeral sculptures are now the way for her to sow a little more poetry in this world.

In a move from snow suit to sandals, she swapped her ice-carving gadgets for a beach bum toolkit to be able to enjoy the delightful feeling of the sun while carving. That's how, since 2021, she has been bringing her personal surrealistic style to many sand events, such as the Canadian Race against the Tide TV show.

Sand sculpture of a woman looking off into the distance. A bird sits on her shoulder and she is wearing armor made out of what appears to be bird cages.

A woman wearing a baseball cap and a flannel shirt holds up a shovel like a jousting weapon, smiling at the camera in front of a half-carved pile of sand.

Sand sculpture showing a face gorging itself, mouth open, on a pile of sand.

Two women kneel next to a sand sculptor that shows a woman blowing something out of her cupped hands. it looks to be a vague horse. There's a banner under her that reads, "Let It Go"

Sand sculpture of two half-melted faces with a banner next to them reading "Time Is A Killer"