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Mitch Guerrero


Mitch is going on his ninth year as a sand sculptor and his sixth year as a Pro-am sculptor. This will be his third season at his favorite contest ever—Texas Sandfest! Mitch has decided to take his passion for art and sand sculpting and make it his full-time career in 2024. In October of 2023, he decided to walk away from a 23-year desk job as a senior website designer to pursue his love for this art form and his love for art in general. When he is not competing, Mitch likes to teach sandcastle lessons to tourists on Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, Florida. As a fourth generation artist, he also loves to draw, paint, and use clay to crate sculptures. He is currently learning more about sculpting and art under the tutelage of master clay Sculptor Keith M. Christopher.
Famous artist and painter Norman Rockwell once said, “The essence of art is not perfection, but the expression of the human spirit.” No doubt 2024 will be a year of artistic growth and expressing his spirit through sand sculptures and other mediums.