Abe Waterman

Well, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLO sports fans! Abe Waterman is back in Port A again to stumble, fall, roll , trip and somersault his way from The Beachlodge to the faraway, distant lands of Sandfest, and all the way back again. And while he may not chop down Logo Mountain with the edge of his hand, or make any Mustang Islands, he will likely raise a little sand (and several pints.) Cheers!

Abe Waterman was once from Prince Edward Island, Canada, but now wanders aimlessly, peering in at the absurdities of life, of which there are many, sand sculpture being a fine example. 

Sand sculpture depicting four angels at four corners holding a blanket. In the middle of the blanket, a woman lies curled up.

Two men, one draped in multicolored flags and a purple fedora and the other in a teal fishing shirt and hat, pose with a sign that reads "2023 Sculptor's Choice"

Sand sculpture of a woman's face. There is a cut where her tears run, down to the ground. The "puddle" of tears is actually a person curled up in the fetal position.

Sand sculpture of Jimi Hendrix rocking out on guitar. His background says Voodoo Chile and has a swirled backdrop.