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Gene Blacklock

Gene Blacklock is a student of Natural History.  He was born in Austin, Texas 1942. Blacklock earned a BS degree from Texas A &M University in 1970 (University of Corpus Christi).  Blacklock grew up in South Texas. His family emigrated here from Scotland; family was In Jamestown when King James required a census of his subjects in 1622. Mother’s family emigrated from Sweden.

Gene began studying Natural History when he was thirteen years old. He has always been interested in birds. He is an accomplished taxidermist but prefers looking and studying nature over guns. He is an avid conservationist and supports conservation especially as it relates to ecology, the future of the earth and mankind. He respects, appreciates and celebrates all living things. Gene Blacklock respects and appreciates all religions, and those that have no religion except for any that teaches hate. Regardless of a person’s social, economic, religious or what tribe they proclaim all people are the entire same animal, there are no subspecies. I disapprove of Nationalism.

Blacklock is an accomplished author, teacher, lecturer and consultant. Professional Positions:  Educator, Curator and Naturalist at the Welder Wildlife Foundation, twenty years; Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, three years; Eco-Service, five years; Bird Song Nature Tours, ten years; Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program, ten years. Gene is highly skilled in the art of field bird identification. He has received several unsolicited awards for his contributions: Bell Award for excellence in teaching science, examples: Goose Creek Independent School District.; Conservation Award, Kingsville Bird and Wildlife Cub. He was recognized for exceptional bird work accomplished for the Padre Island the National Seashore.

Publications: Birds of Texas Coastal Bend, Texas A&M Press, 1985, Dr. John Rappole and Gene W. Blacklock; Birds of Texas, A Field Guide, Texas A&M Press, 1994. Dr. John Rappole and Gene W. Blacklock:  Texas Colonial Waterbird Census, 1973 – 1976,Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, 1996, G.W. Blacklock ,D.B.Blankinship, S. Kennedy, K.A.King, R.T.Paul, R.D. Slack, J. Smith and Ray Telfair II; Colonial Waterbird and Rookery Island Management Plan, Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program, April 2005, Dr. Allan H. Chaney and Gene W. Blacklock; many other articles and checklists.

An International Natural History tour leader, Bird Song Natural History Tours: Alaska, Canada, California, Florida, New Mexico and Arizona, Texas, Mexico, Costal Rica, and Trinidad & Tobago. 


Talk: The Taxonomic Approach to Bird Identification (101) with special Emphasis on Shorebirds

All considering what is available online, understanding what to emphasize and when to apply that information when it comes to identifying birds is key to success. Experience has proven that the most successful approach is taxonomic. Using this approach we will explore our success by emphasizing shorebirds and on the field trip will actively accomplish identification.