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Séveline Beauregard & Joris Kivits


About Séveline Beauregard

To Sèveline, art is unlimited world to express oneself. Every form of art offers a chance for self-discovery. As a child, she wanted to try everything: dancing, singing, drawing, painting, writing, and carving. Eight years ago, her father and sister invited her to work with them on some projects and since then, she has been carving sand, snow, and ice around the world.


About Joris Kivits

Before Joris started carving, he worked as a freelancer in graphic design, art direction for movies and television, photography, and as an illustrator. Nowadays, making sculptures have become his main work. In 2006, he participated his first project in Lommel, Belgium. Making sand sculptures is like a theatre-act; you can enjoy it if it is there and then the memory and pictures are the only things that remain. 

Black and white image of a sand sculpture that depicts an unclear sculpture that is melting. Under the melting is some webbing.

Sand sculpture positioned in a green space that shows a working horse coming 3-D out of the sculpture. There is also a fence and a barn visible in the sand behind the horse.