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Wade Lapp

Wade Lapp's artistic journey from pumpkin carving to professional sand sculpting, wood carving, and ice sculpting showcases his diverse skills and dedication over the past 13 years. Wade has won multiple competitions on a West Coast sand sculpting team and earned awards in chainsaw carving and ice sculpting, all of which highlight his talent and versatility. Wade's whimsical and magical sculptures, featured in attractions like Halloween Town in St. Helens, Oregon, reflect his unique artistic vision. Wade Lapp's success at Texas SandFest, securing first place in his first two years as a semi-professional sand sculptor and winning the people's choice in the Masters Doubles last year, highlights his exceptional talent and recognition within the sand sculpting community. His consistent achievements demonstrate his dedication to the craft.

Sand sculpture depicting three pyramids in front of a large moon. Over the top of the middle pyramid is a UFO, and coming down from the UFO is a sliver of blank space.

Sand sculpture of a couple of slugs wrapped around part of a tree. A couple of leaves and acorns are visible around.

Sand sculpture of an Egyptian man handing money and a "deed" over to an alien. They are standing by a mummy sarcophagus in front of runes. Beneath them is a banner reading "300 year mortgage"

Sand sculpture on a beach at sunrise. The pirate is sitting drinking beer. In front of him is an empty life boat.

Up close of a sand sculpture of a pirate with a peg leg drinking beer on a pile of wooden debris and treasure chest.