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Damon Langlois

Damon Langlois is a five-time World Championship of Sand Sculpting winner, designer of the tallest sand castle in 2015, and creator of Liberty Crumbling, the winner sculpture of Texas SandFest in 2019 and the most shared sand sculpture on the internet. He is also the author of the book Stories In Sand: The Arabian Nights, an epic telling of the stories from the Arabian Nights through his rewritten and shorter translations and photographs of the sand sculptures created at the largest sand sculpture park ever made. Damon was the creative director. As the founder of Codetta Product Design, Damon is also an inventor and industrial designer with 14 patents and multiple design awards. He lives with his family in a forest in a house he designed and built on the west coast of Canada.


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Stories In Sand: The Arabian Nights

Langlois' book is both a sand art book and a storybook on the Arabian Nights. Ten years ago, 70 of the best sand sculptors in the world created the largest sand sculpture park ever made. Located in Kuwait, it was an immersive experience that illustrated the Arabian Nights through a sculpture park built entirely from sand. It was the size of six football fields with a sand palace 52 feet high that could be walked through. Damon Langlois, the creator of Liberty Crumbling and winner of Texas SandFest in 2019, was the creative director. He has created this 276-page book that pairs his photos of these sculptures with stories to create this unique sand sculpture exhibit in book form. It also tells the story of their adventure in creating such an artistic feat! It is a must for any fan of sand sculpting. Support the Kickstarter for the book here.

Portrait image of a sand sculpture on the beach of Abraham Lincoln sitting on a crumbling pillared chair with his hand to his face.

Horizontal photo of a sand sculpture on the beach depicting Abraham Lincoln sitting in a crumbling chair with his hand to his face

Sand sculptor from the bottom up showing a strong pillar and a gladiator in a plumed helmet.