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Benjamin Probanza

In 1988, Benjamin Probanza began modeling with sand, and in 1997, he was invited to the first International Sand Sculpture Competition. He won the second-place prize, and from then on he competed and collaborated in countless countries around the world, winning many awards. China, Japón, India, Kuwait, USA, Qatar, Singapur, Spain, Bélgium, Italy, and Holland are just a few of the countries in which he participates.

Sand sculptor surrounded by a fence that shows a lion surrounded by guitars that seem to be made of bone or part of hte ground.

Sand sculpture showing an elephant coming towards the camera. Carved on either side of the elephant are speakers and small people, and a shape in front.

Portrait of a sand sculpture that depicts a head and neck of a person that is divided into what looks like city buildings.

Sand sculpture in the ground showing a monster with large tusks' face. Below the ogre's neck are a set of feet standing over it taking the photo.