Parking Permits

Parking on the Beach

Port Aransas is well-known for its wide, drivable beaches. Perhaps less known, though, are the rules for parking your vehicle on those beaches. Here’s what you need to know.

Beach parking permits in Port Aransas are stickers that cost $12 and must be visibly placed on any motorized vehicle parked on Port Aransas beaches, from cars to golf carts.

Where to buy a beach parking permit: Port Aransas Welcome Center, Family Center IGA, Port Aransas City Hall, Port A Local Co,* Ace Hardware, Islander, and participating convenience stores.

2021 Parking Permit

When to use a beach parking permit: A purchased permit is valid from January 1st through December 31st of its respective calendar year. 

Where to park with a permit: The sticker allows the vehicle to park on the beach anywhere between mile markers 0 through 62. This is from near Horace Caldwell Pier all the way through Port Aransas Beach and to the Kleberg County line (south of Bob Hall Pier), making the permit valid in both Port Aransas and Corpus Christi.

Where to park on the beach for free: In the Port Aransas city limits, there are limited free parking spots available between the South Jetty and Horace Caldwell Pier and between mile markers 52 and 58. These spots fill up quickly, though, so it’s highly recommended to purchase a parking permit before you head out to the beach.

*Location accepts cash-only payments for beach parking permits.