Book a wedding here and watch the love story between you and your future spouse blossom into a lifelong love story between you as a couple and the sandy shores of Port Aransas. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many decisions to be made, which is why it’s important to have all your options laid out in front of you. Below, you’ll find a plethora of options for vendors that will make your wedding the fairytale you’ve always envisioned. From the big things, like a reception venue, down to the smaller details like which flowers will line the aisle, these local vendors have you covered. 


Wedding and engagement photos get framed around the house, shared on social media, and printed on cards probably more than any other type of photo in a couple’s marriage. That’s why it’s important for you and your betrothed to find the right photographer for your wedding, whether you’re planning a minimony or a blowout party with 500 of your closest friends. You’ll want someone who understands your vision, your budget, and your needs, and you’re sure to find that in one of the skilled Port A professionals. Reach out to learn more about each photographer’s package options and to view sample work.


Choosing (and sampling) food for the big day is always a tasty time, especially when you’re on an island where the seafood is fresh, guaranteed, and the tropical drinks flow freely. Port Aransas’ award-winning local chefs and catering companies will be proud to serve your friends and family on your wedding day. Caterers can work with your cuisine preferences, dietary restrictions, and budget to create the top-notch culinary creation of your dreams, from light hors d’oeuvres to seated five-course meals. They can also coordinate with venues to provide you with the qualified servers and bartenders needed to ensure a smooth dining experience.


There’s a lot to consider when choosing flowers for your big day. Do you prefer colorful, blooming ranunculus or spiky desert succulents? Big, overflowing gatherings or clean round bouquets? Elaborate arrangements placed at every pew or rose petals sprinkled delicately along the aisle? You know your style best, but the right florist can take your vision and make it bloom. There’s a florist you can trust right here in Port A, who will maximize your budget and who can help you navigate the maze of flower seasons, boutonnières, and centerpieces.

Wedding Planners

Feeling overwhelmed? Nobody can blame you! Your wedding is one of the biggest events you’ll ever plan, and there is a myriad of moving parts to consider. Relieve some of the stress by hiring a wedding planner who can be with you every step of the way! With a wedding planner, you  get the fun of seeing your vision come to life without the strain of coordinating the minutiae. Not interested in having a full-service wedding planner but need some help? Many wedding planners also offer à la carte planning, month-of services, day-of-coordination, and everywhere in between. 

The Port Aransas Tourism Bureau & Chamber of Commerce sales team can get your started on your way to the perfect day. Contact Shelley Witcher at with questions on where to begin.

Tent Rentals

Outdoor weddings can fully embrace the beauty of nature and hold a great appeal for many engaged couples. However, they have one major downside–weather is unpredictable. That’s where tent rentals come in to save the day! A tent rental allows you to enjoy the good luck that stems from rain on a wedding day instead of being stressed that it will ruin all the beautiful decorations you’ve worked so hard to put together and send all your guests scrambling for an umbrella. Not only does a tent provide rain coverage, but it will also provide ample shade in the hotter months.


Nothing sets the mood for a wedding like the music! From the opening notes of the ceremony all the way through to the send-off song, great music is key to a great time. Book a Port Aransas DJ, musician, or band (or all three) and they will spin your favorite tunes during your wedding, from oldies-but-goodies to fitting island beats. 

Interested in hearing these bands and DJs perform live before you book them? Head over to Port A Live to see a full lineup of music in Port A!