Trash (Adopt a Beach)

Thousands of pounds of trash are removed from the beaches of Port Aransas each year.  Some trash washes in from offshore by waves and wind, but the main source of human-made debris found on Texas beaches is the litter beachgoers leave behind. 

Help reduce consumer trash by limiting what you bring and properly disposing what you use. Trash receptacles and yellow Up2U reusable litter bags are available at nearly 20 beach locations. Official beach cleanups are organized by Adopt-A-Beach bi-annually in the spring and fall. Sign up to volunteer with Keep Port Aransas Beautiful or learn what you can do today at PIPA (Pitch-in Port Aransas)

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Join Flynn's Beach Squad and make a difference!

Flynn's Beach Squad is a volunteer opportunity for locals and visitors alike who are looking to make a difference in Port Aransas. The Squad does various trash cleanups around the island. Spots include the beach, Alister St., Cotter Ave., Roberts Point Park, and more