Planning Tips & Ideas

Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate Island Wedding

Struggling with how to start planning your dream wedding on the Mustang Island coast? Get inspired by some of the ideas below, then use the practical advice and helpful suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Island Inspiration

Take careful consideration when crafting your guest list. This will help you decide if you will be able to swing a more intimate wedding, say on the beach or at the Chapel on the Dunes, or if you’ll want to book a larger venue.

You may already have a strong direction or vision for what you want your nuptials to look like, but if you don’t, it might be best to start there. Do you want chill, beachy vibes or are you more of a classic coastal couple? One noteworthy place to find style inspiration is in the galleries of local photographers, whose experience with weddings and Port Aransas alike will become a valuable resource.

Another handy place to draw inspiration from? The internet! Utilize a Pinterest board to gather island wedding ideas from real couples that you can then show to your venue when discussing wedding possibilities. When it comes time to book vendors, your venue contact will know who to direct you to that will fit your style perfectly.

Consider pulling inspiration from the environment for your big day. Why not spring for seashell-lined aisles or a tropical bouquet? Capitalize on the proximity to robust fishing activities and have seafood as a menu option, or offer a tropical drink, like the pina colada, as your signature cocktail.

Helpful Hints

Seasons will play a big role in deciding and then booking your wedding date. Summertime in Port Aransas is amazing, but it might also mean more traffic and difficulty for guests to book lodging, whereas off or shoulder seasons might be equally beautiful and much more open.

Rent a golf cart the day of your wedding. This will make running quick, hop on/hop off errands around the island a cinch. Plus, what could be cuter as a getaway mobile than a “Just Married” golf cart?

All beach events, including weddings, require that a special events permit be acquired.

The Special Event Permit Application should be submitted to the city at least 30 days before the event. More information regarding special events rules and city requirements can be found here.

Make things easy for yourself and your guests by pre-booking a block of rooms or other accommodations, especially for your out-of-town guests. This takes the stress off and also means they will get to see the island!

Still feeling lost, or perhaps overwhelmed with a litany of great ideas? A wedding planner  can be an indispensable part of making your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of.