Tide Chart

The Tides are Turning…Plan Accordingly!

Part of being on island time is learning how to roll with the tide, in more ways than one. Having a working knowledge of tides and water levels is helpful not only for fishermen or avid surfers, but for the average beachgoer as well. This easy-to-read Port Aransas tide chart updates weekly and will help you determine times for high and low tides as well as tide level comparisons over the course of the week.

To learn more about tides and their impact on maritime activities, read the NOAA article “The Importance of Monitoring the Tides and Their Currents.”

Tidal Tips & Tricks:

  • If you are planning for some good ol’ Port Aransas camping on the beach, it’s in your best interest to plan placement of your campsite around the time predicted for high tide. Placing your tent or RV well above high tide level will help ensure you don’t find yourself or your belongings swept out to sea by rising water levels.
  • Low tides can offer some great shell finds if you’re lucky, especially after the surges created by any storms in the Gulf.
  • Big spring high tides, and high tides in general, can be helpful for fishing bounties.
  • Tides are affected by a variety of things–season, wind, time of day–so it’s important to check the tide table for the dates of your time in Port Aransas.