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Salty Stories

The island town of Port Aransas has a personality all its own. The clock ticks a bit slower, the seaworn wood you see isn’t artificial, and the people you meet aren’t reading from a script. The locals call this convergence of authentic Port A character and culture “salty."

Meet some of the people who continue to make Port Aransas more than a beach destination.
This is their island, and these are their Salty Stories.


There are endless stories to tell and characters to meet in Port Aransas. Release a rehabilitated sea turtle with Alicia Walker and her team, create amazing sand sculptures with Mark Landrum, cast a line with deep sea fishing legend Dee Wallace, and catch a wave with Brittany and Magen. 


More Salty Stories

Winton’s Candy

How glimmering candy wrappers and tempered chocolates brings nostalgia to thousands of visitors.


The Owens Family

How love at first sight grew into one of Port Aransas’ most successful stories.


Farley Boats

How a simplified boat design laid the cornerstone for the entire town of Port Aransas.



The island town of Port Aransas has a personality all its own. The locals call it “salty," and there’s no better word to describe the seaside authenticity you can only find in Port A. Now you can hear straight from the people who have made this island what it is today. This is who we are and these are our stories, our “Salty Stories.” 

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