Wildlife Safety

Keep the Wildlife Wild

Port Aransas is home to all kinds of wildlife, from crabs on the beach to the local alligator named Boots. One thing that makes Port A such a unique place is how close the people are to the wildlife in the area. It’s important to know how to keep the animals and the people in Port Aransas safe as they coexist on this island together. Whether you’re a local or just visiting it's helpful to know how to keep wildlife and your family safe.

Safety Tips:

  • Pick up all trash. Animals can eat trash and get stuck in cups or plastic, causing them to become sick or injured.
  • Do not pet any wildlife. Animals are wild and may bite, sting, or hurt you or themselves.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Animals need to stay wild, and eating human food can make them sick and dependent on humans for survival.
  • Keep your dogs on a leash at all times in Port Aransas to ensure they stay close to you and out of harm's way.
  • Many species of snakes, including poisonous ones, make their home in the dunes. Keep pets and children away from the dunes to ensure the safety of everyone.

Dune Safety

The sand dunes lining the coast are not only a signature feature of Port Aransas and Mustang Island, but also an important one. Read more about the dunes and how to aid in their conservation here.


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