Just Keep Swimming

Warm, clear water and soft sand make Port Aransas a great place to enjoy the waves. With an average water temperature of 84.2° F in the summer, the surf of Port A is perfect for swimming, boogie boarding, and wave jumping. Take your family vacation to the Texas coast. Hit the water and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are surfing, floating, or swimming through the waves, the Port A water will relieve your stress and bring out the fun!

Before you jump in, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Beach Flag Warning System and rip current safety. Currents are stronger near structures, so avoid swimming under the Horace Caldwell Pier or adjacent to the base of the south jetty. 

Beach Lifeguards on Duty

Safety and fun are number one when on the Port A beach. The Port Aransas Surf Rescue guards the Gulf daily from March 4 through October 31, between Marker F and Marker 17. You can swim with peace of mind knowing their highly trained team is on duty! 

Beach Rules & Safety

As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. While you will absolutely have the time of your life soaking in the sun on the beaches of Port Aransas, there is a general set of beach rules that guests are…


Drop in but don’t drop out! Come hang ten in Port Aransas and surf the Gulf of Mexico! Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or just want to look the part, Port A has everything you need to catch the waves.

Sea Life  

While you take a dip off the gorgeous Texas coast, you may see some finned friends joining you in your swim! Mullet like to swim in the waves, and you might see a school as a wave rolls across the water. Small mud minnows and whiting explore the shallows and are perfect fish to scoop up with your net for a closer look before watching them swim away. You might catch a glimpse of a sea turtle just off the beach if you're lucky! Stingrays and jellyfish also share these waters but are nothing to fear. Follow beach safety protocol and do the stingray shuffle! 


The shores of Port Aransas are well-known for being home to a variety of sea turtles, including the endangered Kemp’s Ridley. Protection of these turtles…

What is the water quality in Port A?

Water samples are collected weekly and results are published by the Texas General Land Office.

Rip current safety video

A beach is in the background. Over the beach is a series of five different colored flags representing water conditions. Green is calm conditions, yellow is calm to moderate, red is heavy surf and dangerous currents, purple is venomous marine life, and orange is environmental quality warning