Is Tent Camping Allowed In Port Aransas?

Absolutely! There are several facilities that are well-suited for tent camping. Many RV parks have safe tent sites complete with utilities and access to clean restrooms and showers.

Can You Camp On The Beach In Port Aransas?

RV and tent camping are permitted on the beach in Port Aransas with a current beach parking permit. Beach camping is limited to three nights during any three-week period. 

Where Is Beach Camping Permitted?

Camping is prohibited within 25 feet of either edge of the obvious driving lane and in any location that would impede traffic or create an unsafe condition. Camping is also prohibited within 200 feet of any beach access road and within 50 feet of the water's edge. Tent camping is prohibited landward of the bollards and south of the last city-approved lavatory facility. 

Be sure to check the tide charts to determine where to set up your camp.

Parking Permits

Port Aransas is well-known for its wide, drivable beaches. Perhaps less known, though, are the rules for parking your vehicle on those beaches. Here’s…

Are Fires On The Beach Allowed?

Small natural wood campfires 3ft. x 3ft. are allowed on the beach. Burning pallets is prohibited. Beach fires should be constructed far from the dunes to avoid embers sparking dune fires. Do not leave fires unattended and be sure to completely extinguish the embers with water, remove debris, and…