Arts & Culture

Small Town, Big Arts Scene

Port Aransas boasts a thriving arts community—this is the place artists come visit to get inspired, then stay to nurture an entire life of creativity.

The Port Aransas Art Center is a hub for artists. It offers year-round activities like classes, First Friday showings, and the annual Art Fest in May. The eclectic variety of settings to view works of art ranges from casual home studios to upscale galleries.


Add a little variety to your getaway and catch a live play. Port Aransas talent is set to entertain the entire family at the Port Aransas Community Theater (PACT). Casual yet impressive, you will be delighted by one of these island performances.


Experience the history of the town and island at the Port Aransas Museum. Get a glimpse of Port Aransas inhabitants’ colorful and storied past through exhibits, photos, and videos. From the Karankawas and the Spanish explorers to the wild mustangs and world-famous fishermen, the story unfolds at the Port Aransas Museum. The museum also acts as steward for the Chapel on the Dunes, a must-see on any historical tour of the island.

Farley Boat Works

Farley Boat Works started in 1915 and is best known for producing the first sport fishing boat designed to catch Tarpon. Today, re-established in 2011, Farley Boat Works is a part of the Port Aransas Museum and has reinvigorated the heritage and passion of boat building in Port A. Boats are being built and visitors are welcome to come by or start a boat building project.