Chapel on the Dunes

Goin’ to the Chapel…on the Dunes

What could be more symbolic of a love that is built to last than a marriage that begins in the hallowed halls of the oldest functional consecrated church on Mustang Island? As one of the staunch pillars of the “Eight Wonders of Port Aransas,” and having stood the test of time against hurricanes and dune erosion, the Chapel on the Dunes represents enduring love in more ways than one.


In the late 1930s the Chapel on the Dunes was built by author, astronomer, artist, and Poet Laureate, Aline Carter. Carter was passionate about sharing her knowledge with local children and held cake and ice cream socials after Sunday School each week in the chapel.

Built on one of the highest points in Port Aransas and overlooking the ocean, the outside of the chapel is striking enough on its own, but in 1972, artist John Patrick Cobb painted the whitewashed interior with inspiring murals that still inspire awe upon entry. The murals are Biblical in nature, with the New Testament depicted on the north wall and the Old Testament represented on the South wall.

The passion and intensity of Carter’s faith can be felt by all who enter the Chapel on the Dunes, and the sanctuary is still owned by her family members.


Want to see the history for yourself? The Port Aransas Museum offers free guided chapel tours every first and third Saturday of the month starting at 9:15 a.m. Additional tours may be scheduled upon request through the Port Aransas Museum


Today, the Chapel on the Dunes can be reserved through Starkey Properties for a small and intimate yet Insta-worthy wedding ceremony. The chapel holds up to 22 people with some standing and is also bookable for other private or religious ceremonies. 


The Chapel Cottage is part of the Chapel on the Dunes property and is available for rentals. This cottage sleeps 8 and would be a perfect bride or groom’s cottage in the days preceding the wedding. The family is also in the midst of renovations on the Chapel House and Chapel Quarters, both of which will be available for rental upon completion.

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