Respect the island and its beachgoers

The beach is a place for everyone to enjoy! The Port Aransas beach is a relaxing place where everyone should be able to unwind to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore and feel the salty breeze in their hair. Whether you enjoy laying out and catching a tan, surfing the waves, or playing football on the sand, there is fun to be had for everyone. Below are a few tips on how to be a good beach neighbor on your next visit to Port Aransas.

Tips for keeping it beachy keen:
  • Keep the music to a minimum. When relaxing on the sandy shore, listening to some tunes can complete your experience. While listening to music is fun, remember to keep the volume at a level for only you to hear, not the whole beach. If you like your music loud, headphones are a great way to rock out while those around you relax.

  • Do not feed the birds. Seagulls may seem hungry, but this is a learned behavior, just like your dog begging at the kitchen table. Human food is actually very harmful to the birds and can make them sick or even kill them. Not only is it bad for our feathered friends, but those around you can get pooped on or their food stolen. This can make for a very unpleasant beach day!

  • Leave the beach better than you found it. Not only is picking up after yourself important for those around you, but it's also important for the animals and ecosystem of the ocean. Leaving trash behind can cause animals to get sick or injured. Always remember to pick up your trash and keep the beach a clean place for everyone to enjoy. Reusable mesh trash bags can be found along the beach in blue containers.


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  • Be sure to cover up your fire pit. Having a fire on the beach can be so much fun! You can enjoy the warmth of the flames or cook on the ocean shore. After you are done with the fun, make sure to cover your fire pit completely for those who come after you. Cars can fall into your fire pit and get stuck, or someone might hurt their ankle stepping into the hole.

  • The beach is an 18-mile stretch of sand and sun. With this much space, there is room for all. If someone is set up on the beach, a good beach neighbor won't get in front of them and take away their beach space. You can drive just a bit farther down the gorgeous Texas coast and find the perfect spot for your group. Be conscientious of the space and the people around you. 

  • When driving down the beach be sure to follow the speed limit, and keep your eyes on the road. Kids love playing games on the beach, and their toys may end up on the road. Keep an eye out for kids who might not be looking both ways as they run out to get their favorite ball.

  • When visiting the beach it's always nice to have some shade. If you buy a beach tent to use during your trip, remember to take it off the beach with you when you leave. There has been a spike in people leaving these beach tents behind that locals have started calling "beach spiders." If you do not have room to take your tent home, offer it to a neighbor on the beach, or you can ask your vacation rental if they have use for one. Be sure to dispose of these properly and not leave them on the beach.