Riding in Style

Those who have been to Port Aransas know that the transportation of choice on the island is not what you might expect. Once you cross that ferry, it’s not a car or bus you’ll find people driving around town in, but rather…a beach golf cart.

These street-legal carts get you not only on the beach, but also to destinations all throughout town. They are the ideal vehicle for hauling the whole crew and their gear to the beach without worrying about sand on the car floorboard, and also perfect for taking family and friends out for a nice night on the town. Just remember to never drive a golf cart on Highway 361 (located past the intersection at Alister St. and Avenue G) and to always follow beach cart safety rules.

See how to rent a cart for your next trip to the island below.

Golf Cart Rentals

Sandy shoes, messy hair, forgotten towels–it’s all good! Riding around Port A in a golf cart makes everything easy. It’s a golf cart town, and if that sounds pretentious, think again.

When choosing what cart to rent for your vacation from the array of top-tier golf cart vendors in Port Aransas, it’s important to think about what’s most important to you. Is it top-of-the-line safety features that make it easy to strap a carseat into? Maybe it’s Bluetooth speakers and enough seats to fit a party of eight friends? For some, though, the most important golf cart feature is just how cool it looks. And Port A certainly has some cool golf carts!

These are not your ordinary Club Cars. Golf carts on the island often show off a personal flair with fun printed wraps depicting aquatic animals or favorite sports team colors. Some take it even farther with seats custom stitched to display logos, mascots, and more. At night, you’ll notice that still other carts take front-and-center with their elaborate underglows.


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So, without further ado, here is a sampling of cool golf carts spotted around Port A.
Which one would you choose?