Unleash Your Hushpuppy

How do you know you’re on the coast? There’s usually a few telltale signs, like gusts from a seasalt breeze, seagulls flying through the air, and...hushpuppies on every menu. Port Aransas is no exception to any of those signs, and these puppies really can’t be beat!

There’s a slew of superstar contenders vying to be your pick of hushpuppy when you’re on the island. How can you possibly choose? Well, do you prefer tartar sauce or remoulade? A classic cornbread or a fun mix in? To help you get an idea of the possibilities available on the island, read this fun roundup of five hushpuppies you should try in Port Aransas!


Castaways Bar & Grill's Hushpuppies

These classic cornbread hushpuppies are ideal for munching on while you sit outside on Castaways' patio sipping a drink and taking in a cool evening with friends or family.

Castaways Seafood and Grill

  • 337 N. Alister St.

Since 1993, Castaways Seafood and Grill has been a favorite of island visitors. Castaways prides itself on hand-battered fried seafood made to order. Choose a seafood selection from the menu or bring in your own catch cleaned and ready to be prepared by the chef on-site. The menu…

Fins Grill & Icehouse Hushpuppies

Fins is the perfect place for sharing a family meal with a great view, and what more perfect for everyone to start off a meal with than crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside hushpuppies? These hushpuppies will have you coming back for more!

Fins Grill & Icehouse

  • 420 W. Cotter Ave.

Dine on the waterfront at FINS Grill & Icehouse for fresh seafood, a fun family-friendly atmosphere, and fabulous view of the Port Aransas Harbor. Nothing tastes better than your own fresh caught fish. The motto at FINS is “You hook ‘em, we cook ‘em!” Bring in your fresh caught…

Port A takes pride in these puppies, so be sure to try one (or all) of them your next time on the island!


And, to close it off, here’s a fun joke:

What do you say to a dog that won’t stop barking?


That’s right…

Hush, puppy.

A red basket is filled with a grouping of 10 hushpuppies and a lemon.