Let's Go Fly a Kite

Fly It! Port A has been a beloved stop for visitors and locals alike for over 30 years. From kites and windsocks to flags, toys, and yard art, Fly It! carries everything you could want or need to have a high-flying time in Port Aransas. This year, owners Ralph and Suanne Pyle decided it was time to retire and pass on the torch. Jeremy and Courtney Timms have stepped in and are excited to carry on the legacy of the kite shop for many years to come! Get to know Jeremy and Courtney through this quick Q&A! 


Welcome to the island, Jeremy and Courtney! Can you tell me a little bit about you and how you got to know previous owners Ralph and Suanne Pyle? 

“We’ve been a couple since we were 16 and have lived in many different places since graduating from college in 2008, but Corpus Christi has been home for us for the majority of our adult life. Courtney has worked at Flour Bluff High School as a math teacher for a total of seven years, and Jeremy has started and run a couple of businesses over the past five years. We’re moving to Port Aransas soon, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the island! 

We met Ralph and Suanne after we started looking at the kite shop as a possible business to purchase. Once the sale was complete, they were at the shop with us nearly every day for about five weeks as we transitioned the ownership. We really enjoyed getting to know them over that time period.”


What is your favorite thing about flying kites, especially here in Port Aransas?

“Flying kites on the beach is a fun way for us to express some creativity, as well as a relaxing hobby. We honestly just love putting beautiful kites in the sky to enjoy while we’re out at the beach. Since purchasing the shop, we’ve started flying some sport kites, which has opened up a whole new world of kiting to us!”

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What do you love most about Port Aransas? 

“We’ve been visiting Port Aransas since the 90s, and one thing we can always count on is coming in to see unique and creative shops and restaurants. We love that we can come and find new things to do and new shops to see on each visit to the island.”


What would you say is your most popular kite and why do people love it? 

“It’s really hard to narrow down the most popular kite, but I’d have to say our top-selling style of kites would be what’s called a “Flo-Tail” delta kite. These kites come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are one of our easiest beach kites to fly on any given day. Kite flyers love these kites for their simplicity, ease of use, and showiness.”


What convinced you to become the new owners of Fly It! Port A?   

“When we found out the shop was for sale, we visited a few times to get a feel for the business.  We quickly decided it would be a great fit for us as new owners. It’s a very interesting shop with a dedicated customer base, and it gives us a chance to be creative with the products that we offer.”


If you could tell people who want to fly a kite for the first time one thing, what would it be?

“Come down to the beach and fly a kite! You’ll have a hard time finding a better spot for kite flying, and it really makes a beach trip that much more enjoyable. We have a large inventory of kites to match skill levels for new flyers as well as kiting veterans.”

Fly It! Port A

Let's go fly a kite on the beach! Fly It! Port A will get you everything you need to run with the wind in your hair and a kite on your string. Fly It! Port A…