A New Kind of Stay in Port A


Modern, innovative luxury meets the coast at Port A's newest lodging option, Modern by the Sea. Learn all about the property, and why you should choose it for your next vacation, in the interview with the property manager below!


Where did the idea for Modern by the Sea come from? Why call it “modern?”

"The properties are indeed 'modern'—they are built from reusable and sustainable materials, as is the need in our modern world today, and the look and feel inside, with bright open spaces, high ceilings, and modern fixtures, furniture and appliances is modern as well—different than most coastal properties. As for the 'by the Sea'... well, that's evident, right?"


What is the owners' history with Port A? Why build these dream vacation homes on the island?

"[Owners] Dave and Ian Fisher grew up in South Africa, and spent family vacations at Uhmlanga Rocks and adult vacations on the water at Cape Town, South Africa, with a love of the water. They are now longtime Texans, and have visited Port Aransas for many years, and have been in the home rental business for many years as well. So the island was the next place to be!"


What makes Modern by the Sea so unique?

"The island doesn't have an abundance of high-end homes for rental, and Modern by the Sea is unique in that way. Everything about it is luxury. But additionally, the idea of building a boutique neighborhood of luxury homes that start with a shipping container is one-of-a-kind! The shipping containers (each home in a different color) are visible inside and out, but the rest of the build is sleek and contemporary. And the building materials and special attention to detail have made the homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and quiet on the inside!"


How many homes are available for people to rent and how many do they sleep? What makes each “color” different?

"The floor plans of the first three homes are mostly the same; each has four bedrooms—a king bed bedroom with ensuite bath, a queen bed bedroom with ensuite bath, and a queen bed bedroom and bunk room with 2 bunk beds with a Jack & Jill bathroom. Each open living and dining room adjoins a big kitchen and opens to a huge deck. There is also a half-bath and a full size laundry room in each. RED has a different configuration from GREEN and ORANGE on the upstairs entertainment deck, and in the private yard and pool. Currently there are three homes on the short term rental market, with another seven ready to break ground later this year, for a total of ten in the Modern by the Sea community [Ed. note: by the end of 2024]. Each home will have a private pool and yard, but when the project is complete, it will also include a small common area, private to the Modern by the Sea community."


Who is the perfect person to stay in Modern by the Sea?

"Modern by the Sea is perfect for someone looking for open space inside and private space outside. These are houses that are meant to welcome a large family or group of friends, or a small family that enjoys a more spacious floor plan. But either way, they're homes that are built with light and luxury in mind."


If you were looking for a place to stay in Port Aransas, why would you choose Modern by the Sea?

"I would love to be somewhere where I would feel happy whether I'm at the beach or inside the house. Port A is our happy place, and these houses (and on their decks) are easy places to be happy!


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Modern By The Sea

Modern by the Sea is Port A's newest and most unique coastal rental experience. These luxurious, industrial chic homes were created from shipping containers and…