Earth Day at Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community in Port Aransas

Every day is Earth Day when you live on the beach! From the call of the seagulls in the sky to the soft give of the sand beneath your feet, Port Aransas & Mustang Island are surrounded by daily reminders of how important it is to care for the environment...and no one is more aware of that than Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community. Palmilla Beach has recently made changes at on-site dining locations that increase the resort's sustainability and align closely with Port A's Respect Our Island Home campaign. Read this interview with Palmilla's Food & Beverage Director Carl Dittmaier for more information about the swaps!


Tell us about the changes you’ve made this year to make Palmilla Beach’s pool and beach menus more eco-friendly.

"We have stopped purchasing oil-based plastics like cups, to-go containers, take-out cutlery, and straws. We are only purchasing plant-based plastics or biodegradable products going forward. Things like disposable plates for the pools made from palm leaves and straws made from agave plants. "


Do these changes extend to your restaurants, Black Marlin Bar & Grill and REDS? If so, how?

"Yes, we are changing to the same types of products for takeout from these locations."


What motivated the change?

"We believe in being good partners with our community and (that) being good stewards to the environment is critical to the continuing growth and success of the island."


What is your favorite part of Port A’s natural environment that makes it so important to you personally to protect?

"Port A is diverse in wildlife and sealife that we share a home with. It's a gorgeous environment that needs to be protected."


How can visitors contribute to Palmilla’s efforts and help be a part of the change?

"We encourage everyone to properly dispose of waste and to use environmentally-friendly products whenever possible."


What does Respect Our Island Home mean to you?

"This is a fantastic program to educate visitors on the importance of protecting the environment and keeping Port A a great place to visit for generations to come. We are happy to support it."


Bravo to Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community for being such a great example of stewardship for the island! If you didn't already want to book your next stay in Port A there, now you definitely will!


Learn more about Palmilla Beach and Respect Our Island Home below!