Have no fear, Spanky's is here...to help you make cocktails!

A beach vacation is not complete without your favorite cocktail in hand as you sink your feet into the sand. Spanky's Liquor is a Port Aransas staple and locally-owned liquor store with everything from wine to whiskey. Here, you can find it all! The Visit Port Aransas Team sat down with husband and wife Rebecca and Justin to find out more about Spanky's.



Justin got us started with some of the history of Spanky's. "My grandparents, James and Barbara Hamilton, bought a store in Rockport in '88. Since then we have grown into the local chain we are today." If you wanted to know if that cute dog on the building is real, Justin has the answer. "Yes, indeed," he said, "Spanky is a Boston Terrier and a long-time family pet. Sadly, the original Spanky has passed, but Spanky III was born in November of 2023 and currently lives with my parents in Aransas Pass." The family plans to keep the tradition of having a Spanky at home and of having Spanky's Liquor alive.

The couple's favorite part about owning a liquor store is how dynamic the industry is and how there is constant change. Rebecca and Justin explained, "Every week there are new products and trends. It's impossible to find room on the shelves for everything, so we end up spending just as much time shopping for the right products to bring in as our customers spend shopping inside the stores." There is one memory that sticks out to the couple about Spanky's Liquor in Port A above others. Justin said, "During Harvey, our entire building was blown away, but somehow all the bottles were still standing on the shelving. It was such an odd thing to see."

Martini Recipe


Did you ever wonder what a liquor store owner's favorite drink is? Justin shared the couple's favorite, "I've always been a big fan of the classic Negroni, but recently my wife and I have been enjoying Chareau Martinis."


Everyone is always on the hunt for the perfect hangover cure, and everyone always seems to have a different answer. Justin and Rebecca are no different. Justin told us what the hangover cures in their house consist of. He said, "This is a matter of great debate in our home. I think the key to survival is grease and sugar. What always works for me is a Patty Melt meal and Dr. Pepper from Whataburger. My wife, incorrectly, believes in carbs and fruit. A bowl of fresh fruit and a pancake is her favorite recovery meal." They did say the one thing they do agree on is having a DrinkAde the night before is an absolute lifesaver!   


Next time you visit Port Aransas, stop by Spanky's Liquor and get everything you need for your vacation. Grab all your goodies and take a full cooler down to the beach. Set your chair in the sand, kick back and relax. You're on island time now!