Get into the "swing" of island living.


“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” 
                                                                      -Duke Ellington

By Duke Ellington’s standards, Port Aransas definitely means something, because it’s got that swing! The island is dotted with those playground fixtures of childlike wonder where maturity is overrated and you can really let your hair down. Swing into the weekend with this roundup of all the places you can swing and sway every which way in Port Aransas! 

Bron's Backyard

First up on the list is Bron’s Backyard, a place that’s just as fun for kids as it is for adults. Bron’s has plenty to offer visitors: shaved ice, unique adult beverages, live music, yard games, and, most importantly today, swings! Bron’s features a traditional swing set to one side of the performance stage, but also boasts web swings around the backyard area that have been the preferred method of seating for many Bron’s customers. Get into the “hang” of island time out at Bron’s!

Port Aransas Community Park

A list of swings would be remiss without a shout out to the most traditional swings in Port Aransas, those at the Port Aransas Community Park. On any day of the week, bring your littles by the park for a swing and a jaunt on the jungle gym. The classic playground experience is instantly elevated when you can feel the salt air on your face! 

Port A Beer Hut

Port A Beer Hut, affectionately known by locals as “swing bar,” is another great place to get your swing on. Pop into this tiki-style beer garden for a beer or a frozen piña colada! The bar is lined with wooden swinging chairs that will have you smiling in no time, and if you’re lucky, they might also be serving up fresh street tacos! Enjoy the breeze and the lively atmosphere while you sway on these adult-sized swings perfectly suited to life on the island.

San José Island

What is swinging about if not imagination and creativity? Kids are known to swing on everything from stray tree branches to the arms of willing adults. One place rife with makeshift swing material is St. Jo’s island! This remote island is just a short ride on the jetty boat from Port Aransas and is the ideal place to let your imagination run free. As it turns out, driftwood makes for prime makeshift playground fodder! Just remember to pack everything you’ll need for the day, as the island is rural and without facilities.