The face behind the flavor!

Chef Albino Garcia Jr. is the Executive Chef/General Manager at Trout Street Bar & Grill. He has been in the industry since 2006. He's worked in country clubs, restaurants, catering for the oil field, and he has cooked private dinners. Albino told the Visit Port A team, "I love South Coastal Texas and all the food it provides us." Chef Albino's first job was at Trout Street Bar & Grill. He said, "I started on the fry side working under Chef Chip Ritz and loved it ever since." His favorite part about being a chef is being creative and making people happy through his food.

Trout Street Bar & Grill

Make it a totally unique island getaway when you experience fine dining at the Trout Street Bar & Grill. The seafood reigns supreme, right behind enjoying your meal on the veranda with sunset views of the ship channel and marina. Fresh seafood tops the menu with shrimp platters, crab cakes, shrimp…

We asked Chef Albino what he considers to be his best creation, and what classics he likes on his menu. He said, "Best creation will be our Redfish plate—a blackened Redfish with a ginger soy reduction served with rice and house vegetables. This dish was created by Chef Micheal Meza and the B.O.H crew. Classics on the menu are Cajun Red Fish, Embrochette, Gumbo, and of course, fried shrimp." However, the dish he is most proud of is the Duck Confit Enchilada plate. 

Chef Albino told us that if he was stranded on a desert island, the five foods he would want with him and what he would make would be, "Redfish, chicken, cucumber, lime, and garlic. I would make a Redfish ceviche and whole garlic chicken." Yum! Wondering who his ideal diner would be? He said if he could have anyone dine in his restaurant, it would be the ghost of Anthony Bourdain. Wondering what the most essential item in a chef's kitchen is? For Albino, it's his tongs! 


Chef Albino Garcia Jr. is a fantastic chef and is a treasured part of the Trout Street Bar & Grill staff. It's people like Albino that help make Port Aransas the one of a kind place that it is. Hard work, dedication, and innovation create fun flavors that have people coming back year after year!