It’s Worth the Wait.

You’ve been waiting for the moment you could step onto Mustang Island and take a deep breath of that sea salt air. Understandably, it can be frustrating when that moment gets delayed. However, the inner peace that descends when you feel the sand between your toes and hear the crashing of the waves on the Port Aransas beach is ethereal...and it’s worth the wait.

Just like other businesses across the country, the small business backbone of Port Aransas is dealing with shortages in available workforce. Your patience as local businesses work tirelessly to provide the best experience possible on your next beach vacation is appreciated. To help alleviate some of your wait, here are a few tips:


Departures & Arrivals

  • There are two ways to get on the island—from Highway 361 or via the ferry. Either way, there will likely be somewhat of a wait. Pack snacks and entertainment for kids to make the drive easier.

  • If you plan to take the ferry, plan your arrival around peak visitor times, like check-in/check-out windows.

  • If possible, plan your visit for during the week, when things will be less crowded and stays will have more availability.

Dining Tips

  • Make reservations at those restaurants that accept them (list found here), or utilize call-ahead or online waiting list options.

  • Call ahead to learn updated hours, which may have shifted due to staff availability.

  • Try having meals during non-peak hours. Pack a snack and spend an extra hour at the beach so you can enjoy a no-wait meal.

If you find yourself with extra time while you wait, stop by the Welcome Center at 403 W. Cotter Ave. for ideas and a local’s advice on what may be the best course of action to maximize your family vacation time. Again, your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


A silhouetted person stands on the beach at sunrise.


A Sign-Off Note

This message from long-time Port A visitor Tom Turbiville speaks volumes about the magic of this little island and encapsulates the “island time” mantra:

“PA has been my second home for more than 60 years. I love PA, own property there, and even own cemetery plots.

It’s never been a tourist town so much as a fishing village. No super slides or Ferris wheels. It’s not Coney Island. It’s not South Padre. No McDonalds, no Sonic, no Wal-Mart, very few chain restaurants, and no chain stores.

Port A is about a magnificent beach, a ferry, a pier that’s come back from four major hurricanes and a jetty that was built before your grandparents were born. It’s about a bird sanctuary, dolphin watching, sunrise and sunset, feeding seagulls, watching big boats, island time, patience, family time, great fishing, great eating.

PA was nearly obliterated in August of ‘17. It’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

It’s not as much about “doing” as it is “not doing” or just being.

PA is for relaxing. It’s spiritual. It’s my favorite place on Earth. Enjoy.”