Port Aransas has been yarn-bombed! 

When you drive down the Port Aransas beach, you might find a welcome surprise made of yarn. The little bundles of joy that sit atop the bollards on the beach are called Bollard Buddies. These fun friends bring smiles to everyone who sees them and are just another thing that makes Port Aransas such a special place. 

The full story

Diana Vondra, the founder of the Bollard Buddies, answered questions many people have been dying to know about these fun little beach friends. "My husband and I were traveling in France and we came upon a street decorated in yarn. The trees, bike racks, railings, and even door knobs were yarn bombed. I immediately thought of Port Aransas. I had a friend Lorraine Care measure the bollards and began making the sweaters for them," said Diana. This is the 8th year the bollard buddies are being displayed in Port Aransas. The first year Diana put the buddies up, she started with 82. Now, there are over 400 on the Port Aransas beach during the winter months. Wondering how these cute little crafts are made? Diana said, "Most of the buddies are either crocheted or knitted, but they can be other things also. One is a face painted on material and sewed together to fit the bollard, another is a T-shirt with additions, people are very creative." Diana said anyone is welcome to contribute to creating the bollard buddies, "We have several local folks who contribute but we also have lots of Winter Texans and other visitors to our island also get involved in this project."

Asking Diana which bollard buddy was her favorite was a tricky question. She said, "This is a hard question, it is like picking your favorite child. Also, it continues to change sometimes annually and sometimes daily when a fantastic one arrives. Also sometimes the story that comes with them makes them extra special. For example, there was one that was a giant mug of beer that was made by a wife and sister as a tribute to her husband who retired from Anheuser-Busch. Unfortunately, we no longer have that one. I also love the Armadillo (Arnie) the mascot for Lone Star Beer with his beer can. Then there is the tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Well, it's safe to say I have lots and lots of favorites."

Additional Questions & How to Get Involved

When are they put up and taken down? 

"The Bollard Buddies are installed between Christmas and New Year’s on the best weather day. They are removed the first or second week of March, also depending on the weather."

 If someone wants to create a bollard buddy to be a part of the display, how can they get involved? 

"The circumference of the bollard is 21 inches and the length can be anywhere from 12 to 24 inches. We love new additions. Since many of these are hugged by children, make sure you don’t include anything that could harm a child or wildlife. Other than that, let your imagination go and have fun."

See more on the Bollard Buddies Facebook Page!