You Need: Inspiration

You’re seeking a muse, and Port Aransas is the place to ignite your creative spark.

Being on the beach is great for reflection and creative rejuvenation. Whether you're looking to write, paint, or find a catalyst for new ideas, the peaceful, natural beauty of a Port A beach will stimulate your senses and inspire your mind so you can return home refreshed and inspired. Check out this custom itinerary to guarantee creative inspiration in Port Aransas. 


Set The Mood

As you drive over to the island, or as you sit at your canvas and search for the muse, turn on this playlist. These tunes speak to the creativity inherent in Port Aransas and living the island life. Turn it on, turn it up, and get creating!


Any good inspiration session requires a hearty breakfast. You'll want to start with breakfast at 1886 Bar at Roosevelt's at the Tarpon Inn. You can munch on beignets and a cappuccino, then walk over to the lobby of The Tarpon Inn to see over 100 years of history in the signed tarpon scales that line the walls.

Take your camera with you for a stroll or bike ride along the trails and boardwalks of the Port Aransas Nature Preserve or at Roberts Point Park, where you can watch dolphins play in the ship channel. Or, schedule a tour of Chapel on the Dunes, the oldest consecrated church on Mustang Island. The chapel was originally created by Poet Laureate Aline Carter, and the walls are covered in beautiful Biblical murals by artist John Patrick Cobb. If you're going to find inspiration anywhere, it's at the Chapel on the Dunes.


No inspiration vacation is complete without a visit to the Port Aransas Art Center. Choose from classes that focus on a variety of forms, from watercolor to photography, or simply soak in the artistic talent in the air.

Your next stop should be the Port Aransas Museum and its counterpart, Farley Boat Works. At the museum, you will learn about the rich history of the island and be inspired by the salty stories of local charm. Farley Boat Works is a living museum where you can take part in your very own boatbuilding activities based on methods coined by Port A locals over 100 years ago.

If you're yearning for some time on the sand, you can spend your afternoon with Mark Landrum, Port Aransas Sandcastle Guy. Book a sandcastle building lesson with Mark to get down and dirty in the sand, a fresh new medium for your artistic soul to explore!


Embrace island culture when you take in a show at Port Aransas Community Theatre. Here, you'll find a talented group of local actors who leave it all on the stage and will leave you inspired to "act out."

If you want a live show that you can sing along to with a cocktail in hand, make your way to one of the many live music venues in Port A. Get into the funky atmosphere at The Gaff or the history at Shorty's Place, where decades of ball caps hang from the ceiling. Or, enjoy an upscale lounge experience at The Palm Social Club, and dancing at Treasure Island. Whatever inspires you, you'll find it in Port Aransas!

Places To Stay

If inspiration is your goal, you have several options for lodging in Port Aransas, where every condo, beach house, and hotel are inspired by the coastal environment. The Tarpon Inn, for example, is a historical Civil War barracks with no TVs in each room—by design, to inspire creativity. Modern By The Sea is another great option. The design of these luxurious, industrial chic homes is inspired, and each one was built from shipping containers and sustainable materials. Dancing Dunes is a group of quirky individual cabins with an artistic flair, perfect for a solo retreat or even an inspiring trip with family. For a home that's a bit more removed, and a place to lounge by a beautiful pool, you can book your stay at Sunflower Beach Resort! It's impossible not to be inspired when you're lounging in one of these gorgeous beach homes.