Salty Stories Podcasts

The Authentic People of Port Aransas

The island town of Port Aransas has a personality all its own. The locals call it “salty," and there’s no better word to describe the seaside authenticity you can only find in Port A. Now you can hear straight from the people who have made this island what it is today. This is who we are and these are our stories, our “Salty Stories.” 


Podcast Episode 1: Christina Bell 

How a phone call brought a business savvy granddaughter back to Port Aransas, and the story of the blossoming collection of local businesses that followed.


Podcast Episode 2: Clark Family

How a local restaurant’s “No Shirt, No Service” policy and a father’s salesmanship started one of Port Aransas’ cornerstone souvenir businesses.


Podcast Episode 3: Kenigsberg Family

How an oil spill and a struggling water slide launched one of Port Aransas’ most cherished Italian restaurants and local boutiques.


Podcast Episode 4: Chambers Family

How random advice brought a Cajun restaurant to Port Aransas, and what the word “community” means to the Chambers Family.